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Screening for thyroid cancer

Screening for thyroid cancer in patients with a history of head and neck irradiation. These patients are getting into their 50s and 60s. These are patients who had radiation for the thymus or acne or whatever benign diseases that we

What do we look for?

What do we look for? Basically what this test is looking for is the urease – the enzyme that’s produced by the H. pylori itself – and that cleaves to give them radioactive urea. It cleaves the urea, you get

Bone scans

Bone scans are also very helpful in patients with low back pain. Now, I know you see a lot of low back pain and I don’t expect you to refer patients for a bone scan in every case but somebody

Occult fractures

Occult fractures. Occult fractures, by definition, are not seen on the plain films. If you ever suspect a fracture, you always start with a plain film. They are the least expensive, most cost effective and most helpful study if they

The other thing that is interesting about prostate cancer

The other thing that is interesting about prostate cancer is that we now have two different kinds of agents that we can use for treating prostate cancer with extensive bone metastases. What we are actually treating is the bone pain

Cardiologist specific clinical indications

Now, we’re getting into some more cardiologist specific clinical indications. Evaluating extent or significance of known coronary artery disease. Typically these patients have a stenosis between 50 and 70%. Remember, when we look at a coronary angiogram all you’re looking

One of the other things

One of the other things it can do for you is tell you if there are other vessels involved. In other words, did this gentleman have single vessel disease? He’s infarcted what he’s going to infarct. End of story. Now

Myocardial perfusion

You can use myocardial perfusion imaging with a treadmill stress test and that will give you very important information. It will tell you how in shape this patient is. Do they have ST changes at 12 minutes or do they

Nuclear Medicine

Myocardial perfusion imaging is a very useful test when looking for coronary artery disease. Bone scans, a number of indications there. A very common test. H. pylori breath test is a new test study that’s being used to diagnose H.