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Syphilis. Secondary stage is when you get meningovascular syphilis. If you have a 35-year-old person with a stroke, think meningovascular syphilis. In the secondary stage you can have a meningitis. It’s a subacute meningitis, catches cranial nerves very easily, just

HIV. If your CD4 count is reasonable

HIV. If your CD4 count is reasonable, an HIV patient is more likely to have stroke. He can have a meningitis. Now as the CD4 drops you go through TB and then AIDS-related dementia. Now when the count is very

Now all these drugs

Now all these drugs can apparently produce headache and a bunch of cells in CSF. Never seen one, but the books mention those. Methotrexate of course we know. Apparently this is an immunosuppressant drug. We talked about CSF glucose, we

If you have meningitis with trauma

If you have meningitis with trauma, post-op or shunt situation, make sure you are giving vancomycin. Now steroids in childhood meningitis is still a little bit controversial but I think most people now recommend a few days of steroids, especially

What about spinal abscess?

What about spinal abscess? Pretty uncommon, but differential diagnosis is humongous. Acute pain, paraplegia, you have to think all kinds of things. Especially the neurosurgeons in the audience. Before we get the MRI the problem may be metastases, the problem

Neurologic Infections

Supratentorial neurosurgical infections. One is abscess, the second is epidural empyema, and subdural empyema, which statistically is not as common. Whenever you have infection in the supratentorial compartment hitting one side of the brain, always remember Herpes simplex encephalitis as