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Dermatologic lesions

Disorders information There are dermatologic lesions that assist in diagnosis for you clinically. A very prominent one is adenoma sebaceum, which are angiokeratomas. They can have hypopigmented macules, ash-leaf spots, shagreen patches. We saw this picture earlier, with the ash-leaf

Cranial synostosis

Cranial synostosis. So here we first want to show you what the major sutures are. As you can see, here is the metopic suture, there is the coronal one going across, sagittal and the lambdoid, and there’s the anterior fontanelle.


Microcephaly can have a variety of etiologies, depending on when you discover it. What I mean by that is some people are born microcephalic because they may have a chromosomal syndrome, or Cornelia de Lange or fetal alcohol, or one