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Now coxsackie A-9

Now coxsackie A-9; the reason I’m showing this is that this can cause rashes, maculopapular and petechial rashes, but it can also have vesicular and urticarial lesions. These frequently get misdiagnosed as contact dermatitis or poison ivy and bug bites.

Next is toxic shock syndrome

Next is toxic shock syndrome and this is also a staphylococcal toxin and sometimes a streptococcal toxin. This is similar to the erythrogenic toxin of scarlet fever and very different from exfoliative toxin from phage group II staph. Here the

Kawasaki Syndrome

Kawasaki’s disease is a disease of unknown etiology. The manifestations relate to super-antigen formation and it is a multi-system inflammatory disease. And the main thing is fever of five days or more and then four of the remaining five manifestations.