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New Treatments for Infertility 6

Ovulation induction is pretty much the standard way of treating people with ovulatory disorders. The classic treatment would be clomiphene. The thing you should know about clomiphene is that it is NOT a steroid; it is very similar to tamoxifen.

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The more high-tech way of dealing with male infertility now is intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The setup that we actually have boils down to a way of taking a single sperm and injecting it into an egg that is aspirated

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There are a lot of other reasons for male factor infertility and they pretty much follow all of the things of female ovulatory disorders. They are hypogonadotropic and hypergonadotropic. If you have low gonadotropins – usually we are talking about

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What are some of the other concerns? We all know that over 35, as a general rule, we recommend that people get some sort of counseling so that they know what their options are in terms of amniocentesis, CVS, what

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A study came out of California that was updated about five years ago. Patients were categorized based on age; less than 30, 30 to 34, 35 to 39, greater than 40, and day three FSH’s were measured on everybody. They

New Treatments for Infertility

Amongst the factors in women that one has to seriously consider are ovulatory dysfunction, the most common problem that we face, along with tubal disease. This varies in studies from forty to fifty percent, depending on who you read, but