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Another reason why people get hammertoes

Another reason why people get hammertoes is they have neuromuscular problems which usually manifest as pes cavus or a very high arched foot. But as this mechanical overload occurs and it’s tendon imbalance occurs, what are some of the secondary

We need to do physical therapy

We need to do physical therapy. They need to strengthen the posterior tibial tendon, as I said before, that is the tendon that is going to help support the arch. They also need to work on the peroneus longus tendon.

Hallux valgus

Hallux valgus. So as we go through this section of the talk, we are going to try and think of these problems as their primary pathology and their secondary manifestations and that is going to drive how we treat these

It needs to be rigid when you’re standing on it

It needs to be rigid when you’re standing on it, and it needs to be flexible as it strikes to the ground, so it can absorb the shock forces and the weight bearing forces as it strikes the ground. These

Posterior Heel Pain

When I look at someone who presents to me with a foot complaint, I try to break it up into what the primary pathology is, and what are the secondary manifestations that they are coming to me to complain about?

Achilles Tendonitis and Posterior Heel Pain

Achilles tendonitis presents as a painful bump on the lateral border of their heel just adjacent to the attachment of the Achilles tendon to the calcaneus. It can be just a bony prominence, it can be a red, hot swollen