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Some directions for future research

Okay, some directions for future research here. We are interested in looking at how fibromyalgia patients perform when they are distracted. We call this “dividing attention” where they have to do two things at once. And we think given their

Pincus Cognitive Symptoms Inventory

What about memory complaints? We use the Pincus Cognitive Symptoms Inventory, which is simply ask patients what they complain about with respect to their memory. What are their problems? We also have a longer more elaborate cognitive inventory called the

Verbal fluency

Verbal fluency, also another highly frontal task in terms of cortex. This is, to remind you, where subjects are given a letter like F and told to produce as many words as they can think of that begin with the

The data on cognitive function

Now I’d like to turn to the data on cognitive function. The first data that I am going to show you is this speed of processing task. As I mentioned to you, we see speed of processing as fundamental to

In terms of pain

This is what performance on these tests look like. Across, a sample of older, of adults age 20-90. And you can see that performance, regrettably for all of us in this room, begins declining in your 20’s and all the

FM patients

The study I’m going to talk about today … I’m going to try to give you a quick overview of the research protocol, because I’d really like to focus on the data. We had 20 FM patients, and you need


Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disorder characterized by musculoskeletal pain and tender points. Patients report substantial fatigue. They may be depressed. Some of them have sleep disturbances and poor cognitive function. It’s differentiated from chronic fatigue syndrome in that these patients