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Cyclothymic Disorder

Cyclothymic disorder consists of chronic cyclical episodes of mild depression and symptoms of mild mania. DSM IV Diagnostic Criteria Many periods of depression and hypomania, occurring for at least 2 years. Depressive episodes do not reach severity of major depression.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

With females, there is cervicitis, discharge and an inflamed, nontender cervix. Spread can occur to the rectum, which is usually totally asymptomatic. Then spread can occur beyond the mucosa of the urethra, of the cervix, of the rectum and of

Our primary hypothesis

Our primary hypothesis was that FM patients would perform more like older adults than their age-matched controls on many cognitive tasks. And the reason we gave them three blocks of tasks is that patients frequently complain about fatigue and we

Acid-Base Disorders 5

I have included in your syllabus a list of syndromes that have renal disease in them and I’m going to highlight some of them here, not all of them, but highlight a few of them and show you some pictures.

Acid-Base Disorders 4

Type II RTA is different than type I RTA. It’s not that you can’t excrete hydrogen ions. It’s that the kidneys leak bicarbonate. There is a low threshold in the blood for spilling bicarbonate in the urine. Normally you and

Acid-Base Disorders 3

Renal tubular acidosis. How do we recognize renal tubular acidosis? Number one, what I said before; first have a blood pH. You’ve got to have acidosis. I can’t tell you how often I have been consulted by some of you

Acid-Base Disorders 2

Metabolic alkalosis; you are alkalotic, you have a high CO2 with retained bicarbonate. The compensation is low ventilation. You decrease your ventilation and you drive up your PCO2. The respiratory alkalosis, the PCO2 is low as you are blowing PCO2

Acid-Base Disorders

Acidosis; first we evaluate the primary disorder, and the definitions of the primary disorder. If you think about acid-base balance in a logical stepwise fashion, you may be able to remember it and figure it out. If you don’t do