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Congenital Infections. Conclusion

The diagnosis; a lot is written both in diagnosis and treatment and it always changes, but I think with syphilis you have to have some common sense and know your patient and know what the future is and whether you

Parvovirus B19

Next is parvovirus B19. The infection in pregnant women results in infection of the fetus and the timing of that depends a bit on what happens. But in the first half of pregnancy you get red cell aplasia and it

Treatment for Congenital Infections

As far as treatment … I should go back. I realize I didn’t say anything about treatment with CMV and the babies with congenital CMV; you would like to treat them and with recent successes with toxoplasmosis it makes this

Herpes and congenital infection

Next is herpes and this is a newspaper from right after acyclovir was first licensed. The main situation with herpes is that the congenital infection is only a small part. The major problem with herpes is acquisition of virus infection


Okay, now to switch over to rubella. This is something that we really shouldn’t need to talk about today. Rubella should be gone, and yet there are a number of young adults who weren’t vaccinated and who have been protected

Hepatomegaly, splenomegaly

The clinical manifestations are listed here; hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, hyperbilirubinemia. Generalized diffuse infection with CMV virus; the various manifestations you see here; cerebral calcifications. A big deal is made by the difference of these calcifications and toxoplasmosis, and it’s a good

Congenital Infections

Pregnant women have a lot of infections and fortunately only a few of those affect the fetus. A number of years ago – actually many many years ago – we did a study and just in a six week period