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Enoxacin. Ofloxacin. Levofloxacin.

Enoxacin or Penetrex has lots of drug interactions. So probably this may, as it implies, penetrate, but if it’s got lots of drug interactions, this probably isn’t one of the better products to recommend. Ofloxacin or Floxin is a pretty

Norfloxacin. Lomefloxacin.

Fluoroquinolones. These are DNA gyrase inhibitors. They are derivatives of nalidixic acid basically but they have a greater spectrum against Gram negative aerobes. They do have a number of drug interactions. I would just simply, rather than talking a lot

Antibiotics 4

Amikacin is the best anti-Pseudomonal aminoglycoside that we have. However, the dose is higher, the recommended blood levels are higher and we usually recommend restricting this to treatment failures with tobramycin or Pseudomonas that is resistant to tobramycin because this

Antibiotics 3.

Dirithromycin was marketed a year or so ago as Dynabac. The advantage here is that it can be given once a day. It has uses in adverse reactions like erythromycin but it is more expensive. So if once a day

Antibiotics 2.

Imipenem cilastatin is the next product we will talk about. This is Primaxin. Hopefully you don’t have to use this drug too often but when you do you may find it to be quite useful. Basically imipenem is metabolized by


I would point out to you that the Physician’s Desk Reference does explain how to mix this product with a local anesthetic for injection to cut down on the IM pain. So if you have patients who are going to