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Ovulatory Bleeding: Menorrhagia. Ovulatory Bleeding: Not Cycle Related

Ovulatory Bleeding: Menorrhagia Cheap Singulair Menorrhagia is defined as menstrual blood loss in excess of 80 mL per menstrual period. However, objective measurement is not practical, so the diagnosis must be made indirectly. Complicating matters is the poor association between

Patient Evaluation. History of the Present Illness

Patient Evaluation History of the Present Illness The history establishes the woman’s baseline menstrual cycle pattern and characterizes in detail the changes that led to the current consultation. The latter should include when the abnormal bleeding began; the characteristics of

Differential Diagnosis of Abnormal Bleeding

Pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy Trophoblastic disease Abnormal intrauterine pregnancy Anovulatory Transient anovulation Polycystic ovary syndrome Androgen disorder Ovarian tumor Adrenal tumor Thyroid disorder Ovulatory: Menorrhagia Idiopathic Endometrial polyp Submucous leiomyoma Coagulopathy (yon Willebrand’s disease, iatrogenic cause, hematologic malignancies) Intrauterine device Ovulatory:

Differential Diagnosis

In addition, many women experience characteristic symptoms associated with the phases of the cycle. The most common of these is lower abdominal midline cramping pain, referred to as dysmenorrhea, which typically begins on the first day of bleeding and spontaneously

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Abnormal genital tract bleeding in the reproductive-age woman results from a wide variety of underlying conditions, and the task of the clinician is to identify the specific cause accurately and cost-efficiently. There is a high prevalence of mood disorder among