Erectile Dysfunction Solution

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Now, let’s get to something a little less gruesome and frankly something a little more common, which is migraine. Migraine is very, very prevalent in the United States. Seventeen percent of women and 6% of men in the United States

A few cases of headaches

Okay, another case. Sixty-seven-year-old woman with a new holocranial headache with exposure to cold, tenderness in her scalp and pain upon chewing. That’s a classic history of giant cell arteritis. Scalp pain. Bothers them to touch the scalp. If they

Headaches. Part 2

Now I’m going to go through some cases.This is a case, sad case, of a 61-year-old male who came in with a six-week history of headaches. The pain awakened him out of sleep and would get better as the day


Ninety percent of persons who seek medical advice for headache have migraine or tension-type headaches, and only 10% of all people have anything else wrong with them. Although there are many types of headaches, the overwhelming majority of people fit

Cyclothymic Disorder

Cyclothymic disorder consists of chronic cyclical episodes of mild depression and symptoms of mild mania. DSM IV Diagnostic Criteria Many periods of depression and hypomania, occurring for at least 2 years. Depressive episodes do not reach severity of major depression.

Hyperstention. Conclusion

Start with a low dose diuretic or a beta blocker, they are equally effective as the new more expensive agents, they are known to provide important benefits to patient’s. I f you want to use long acting calcium channel blockers,

Stage I hypertension

I am going to talk to you now about stage I hypertension and what is an indication for beginning drug therapy, all of this presumes that you have measured the blood pressure repeatedly over several months, that you have counseled

Drug therapy of stage I hypertension

If it’s your sense that the patient’s diet is very highly laden in salt, it is a reasonable thing to ask them to try to reduce their sodium intake to a reasonable level. This does not mean that you should

The physical examination is not complicated

The physical examination is not complicated. The blood pressure needs to be measured reasonably, not through a sweater, not when the patient is standing, not after the patient has just been rushed into the room because you are running 30

Hypertension: asymptomatic disorder

Hypertension is an asymptomatic disorder It is very much like hypercholesterolemia, the vast majority of patient’s who have stage I or II hypertension, cannot feel their blood pressure, despite what they tell you.The reason that hypertension is an important problem,

I would also caution you

I would also caution you about this circumstance being particularly common in hospitalized patient’s. Just because somebody is in the hospital to have a GYN procedure, very often patient’s will have mild elevations in their blood pressure, please don’t jump